Alice + Paige
Chester Registry Office, Saturday, 10th Feb 2024
A couple of Saturdays ago I witnessed (through a lens) the marriage of these two lovely girls. They approached me last summer to discuss their August wedding at Oddfellows and from the moment we met I knew we were well-matched and on the same page (pardon the pun) when it came to photographing their wedding. Paige had lots of creative ideas and got me buzzing with ideas of my own! 
Fast forward to December 2023 when I received a message from Alice to say that they were bringing their marriage forward due to a family illness and that they would love me to be there to capture it. The August wedding would still go ahead as planned. I was honoured and fully on board of course. Despite the solemn circumstances, it was a really lovely afternoon. An intimate ceremony at Chester Registry Office with just a few of their nearest and dearest, followed by some really fun couples portraits around Chester. Paige was keen to have fun with the photos as she knew it would be sad looking back on photos of her Nan:
“We want a few with my nana (she will be in a wheelchair) and then I want fun creative ones with Al as the memories as looking at pictures with people that have passed can be hard.”
So with Paige’s suggestions and props and my Pinterest board we came up with some really fun portraits!
Kicking off with a romantic milkshake in Five Guys...
Followed by some flirting outside a red phone box...​​​​​​​
Then heart confetti and sunglasses on the Town Hall steps and a quick swig of bubbly. ​​​​​​​
A trip to Chester New Market to freeze a moment in time amongst a busy crowd at the bar (where sadly a rude barman made sarcastic comments under his breath, I must add!)...
Oh and not forgetting a trip to the Asian grocery store and a quick smooch in the plant shop! Aaaaand breathe! The poor girls were exhausted 😂 What a pair of legends. I am so happy with the results. ​​​​​​​
It just goes to show, wedding photos don’t have to be traditional or ‘samey’, the sky is your limit! I am a firm believer that your day is your day and you should do it YOUR way. People will have their opinions and ideas but at the end of the day, your wedding should be whatever you want it to be.
If you want to ride a miniature railway on your wedding day. You do you.
If you want to share a milkshake in Five Guys. You do you.
If you want your dog to be the ring bearer. Well that’s on you (lol).
Just sayin’, go have the best day of YOUR lives! And however you choose to celebrate, I am 100% behind you and will be there to capture it all with a smile on my face. 
Happy New Year
Tuesday, 16th Jan 2024
This may seem a bit late in the day but it can take time to ease into the new year, after the decs come down and the dust settles.  We take our decorations down on Jan 1st. They just don't feel as magical after Christmas and in our house it signifies a fresh start. Time to 'get crackin'! 
Some things I have promised myself this year...
More self-care; this includes more walks, more exercise, more water, more fruit and veggies and more time with my husband. I've started well with 4 walks already (including Helsby Hill, photos above), a HUGE new 1.8L water bottle which I'm swigging from regularly! and 25 press-ups most days. Pat on the back for me. The key is consistency. I HAVE to keep it up or it's down the slippery slope I go! 
Photography-wise, 2024 for me is about growth + education, pushing myself creatively and filling my diary with Weddings! I am one year into my professional photography journey (excuse the 'J' word!) and proud of how far I have come in such a short space of time. I truly believe if you consistently put the work in, you get something back. And so I will continue to educate myself and push myself creatively to give my future couples and families a product and service that's not just 'satisfactory' but outstanding, unique, memorable. 
Because photography is not a commodity, we photographers have to work extra hard for bookings and give something extra to our clients to justify the absolute value of what we do. And that is what I intend to do this year and into the future, build a product that is super special, charming, thoughtful and unique. Provide a service that goes above and beyond what the customer expects. When you are paying a lot of money for a service, you deserve to be wowed! 
Watch this space... 
Other things in the pipeline
My last shoot of 2023 was a super relaxed at-home festive photoshoot, where I captured the family hanging out, decorating cookies, reading together plus some details around the family home that caught my eye. It got me thinking, I want to offer a 'Day in the Life' type photo session, a nod to nostalgia if you like, where I capture what will be your children's memories of growing up. The details, the daily habits and routines, the games you play etc. These would then be displayed in a photo book, telling your unique story of family life, the home your children grew up in. I love the idea that this book will get passed down through the generations for future children and grandchildren to witness their ancestors home life. 
I have a competition running on Instagram to win a free at-home family shoot including photo book. Enter for yourself or a friend/relative and help me reach my milestone of 1k followers! Use this link or click the instagram icon below:
Here's to a year of growth!