Hello, I'm Rachel (AKA Rach, Rachieroo, Racoon, Raquel Welsh + Mummy!).
I grew up in a small village in North Wales with my Mum, Dad and big sister. We've always been really close and have strong family values. I'm a sentimental soul and have collected so many old photos and memorabilia over the years. I think my 'Sentimental Value Box' – where I kept old letters, souvenirs and random nic-nacs – is still stashed away under my childhood bed. As well as being a home bird I also love to travel and have lived in London, Sydney and Auckland! I have a zest for life, a creative eye, a curiosity for people and a passion for shooting them (with my camera haha!).

I studied photography in Art college. This is one of my earliest photographs taken on a Pentax 35mm film camera, of my Mum and Nanna (Dad's mum). I'm proud to say I developed it myself in a dark room.
I fell into Graphic Design after graduating but I always felt there was something missing, that I hadn't found my true calling...that was until a conversation I had in the Summer of 2022 lead me to an epiphany moment and I turned my passion for photography into a career. I definitely think my design background gives me a creative edge when it comes to my photographic style and helps keep it current and progressive. I want you to look at your photos and really feel something, be 'wowed' and not be able to stop looking at them!

I shoot mostly candid and offer natural, relaxed photoshoots for families, individuals and couples who aren't into forced poses and may be a little camera shy. I don't operate from a studio with fancy equipment, light boxes, backdrops etc. instead I prefer at home or outdoor shoots where the light is as natural as it comes and people are most relaxed. I do offer some direction where needed, to get the best results and put people at ease, but rather than posing I prefer to use 'prompts'. They can be silly to bring out a smile or make you laugh or evocative to stir up emotions and make you 'feel' something deeper. Although I love plenty of emotion and depth, I'm not too serious a person so I like to bring out lots of smiles or a belly laugh or two in my photo sessions. I 100% encourage silliness, especially when children are involved! 

I cover family shoots, maternity and newborn, corporate and Weddings!
Basically anything that involves your lovely faces! 

My other favourite things...
People: Husband Mike, my 5yr old daughter Emma and my big sis and best friend, Natalie.
Era: The Roaring 20s + Art Deco.
Band: Coldplay 
Cuisine: Thai
Cake: Chocolate cheesecake
Cocktail: Pornstar Martini
Alcoholic beverage of choice: A hearty red wine or Belgian beer
Hobbies: Running, Pilates and Dance (Latin, ballroom and freestyle!)
Date night: Stand-up comedy (currently loving George Lewis, if you're a parent you should check him out!)

Time of day: Sunset
TV show: 'A Place in the Sun' (my guilty pleasure). Hubby jokes I've seen every single episode, probably true.
Daydream: Living in the sun by the sea

Enough about me! I want to hear about you and what you'd like to get out of your photography session.
If you have any questions about anything, drop me an email, text or Whatsapp call! If I'm unavailable, it's likely I'm being chased by my 4 year old police officer daughter or doing some other role play (lol) ;-) but I will get back to you asap.